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ALL sales 100% confidential, it is not our business or practice to share with others what you have purchased.

The works of Bull Snook Photography (BSP), & the model(s), working under under said label, or any other labels belonging to Paul Bull Snook, owner / operator.

All works contained in the BSP website, all social media sites, affiliated and non-affiliated sister-sites, and any and all other sites which may contain the works of Bull Snook Photography©, hereinafter referred to as "BSP", or any derivative of said entity, are protected by the Intellectual Property Laws of the United States of America. As such, it is prohibited by those laws that one disseminate, share, cause to be shared, albeit in the form of digital media, physical copy, or any other such tangible form, without the expressed written consent of BSP. Further, the purchase of any works through any of the above mentioned media sites does not, in any way, provide the purchaser with any legal rights to the images, whatsoever. 

​Moreover, BSP possesses sole and shared writes to these works with the individual models depicted therein, therefore, not only will any violation of the aforementioned laws and protections to BSP be had, but they shall also pertain to the individual model depicted and be subject to penalty by law. BSP reserves the right to dispute any legal action in the local court of appropriate jurisdiction according to the residence of the sole owner of BSP, Bull Snook.   

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