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Originally from Christiana TN, now based in Shelbyville TN. Semi-pro photographer / artist, with a straight forward, minimalist style. Nude art, glamour, modeling and head shots boudoir and the like. Passionate about artistic nudes in nature, caves, abandoned locations and more. 20+ yrs behind the lens, yet still learning new tricks, always improving , & I am always looking for new ways to capture, and high-lite the beauty of the models I work with. When I work with models, there are always certain shots I am looking for, but I like to let the model set the pace, and I like to let every model I work with set, push, and break her own comfort levels, on her own terms, and in her own time. All I ask of any model I work with is, for "you to be you" .. be yourself, free flow the shoot, if you're feeling goofy, be goofy, if you're feeling sad be sad, if you're feeling amorous, well then be amorous, be sensual, be strange, what ever the scene or the mood calls for, play the role, and we will turn it into art one frame at a time. 

Paul Bull Snook


Bull Snook Photography is a subsidiary of Jordan Valley Photography, Licensed with the city of Shelbyville, & Bedford County in the state of TN

BSP is happy to announce ... We now offer BTS video (behind the scenes). BTS Video will be captured during the shoot, and clips will be shared with our fans, along with the preview images from that shoot.
Note to Models: Opt out available, & 100% respected.

BSP Private Video.
Just like all BSP shoots, every model chooses what to show the camera. after editing, the model gets the fully edited video for her own use and/or profit. 
Note to Models: All BSP Private Video is 100% models personal use only.

Signed model release required. 

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